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Relocating to Elizabeth City, NC

Located at the narrows of the Pasquotank River, the area that would become Elizabeth City soon served as a trading site, and as early as the mid 1700s, inspection stations and ferries were established . With the addition of minor roads, a schoolhouse , and soon a church, a small community was established at these narrows.  

In 1793, construction of the Dismal Swamp Canal, which would drive Elizabeth City’s commerce, began, the North Carolina Assembly incorporated the town of Redding. In 1794, the town was renamed Elizabethtown , but due to confusion with another town of the same name, in 1801, the city was renamed Elizabeth City. The name “Elizabeth” has been variously attributed to honor either Queen Elizabeth I of England, who 200 years earlier spearheaded the colonization of the Virginia and Carolina coasts, or Elizabeth “Betsy” Tooley, a local tavern proprietress who donated much of the land for the new town.

The improvements made to the Dismal Swamp Canal made Elizabeth City a financial center of trade and commercially successful for the early 19th century . In 1826, the federal government purchased 600 stocks in the canal and, in 1829, additional funds for improvements were raised by the Norfolk lottery. With these funds, the Dismal Swamp Canal was widened and deepened, allowing for larger boats to ship their goods.

Elizabeth City’s finacial success was further bolstered by the movement in 1827 of the customs house from Camden County to Elizabeth City, leading much of northeast Albemarle’s trade to be directed directly through Elizabeth City. From only 1829 to 1832, Elizabeth City’s tolls tripled.the Confederate States had a small fleet stationed in Elizabeth City during the American Civil War . After the Battle of Roanoke Island the Union forces sent a fleet to take Elizabeth City. There was a small fight that followed which ended in a Union victory. Elizabeth City was under Union control for the remainder of the war though Confederate irregulars engaged in Guerrilla warfare with Union forces in the area for the remainder of the war.

In the mean time overland travel slowly improved, furnishing greater trade between neighboring counties, and a ferry continued to be used fortransportation between Elizabeth City and Camden county. However, the completion of competing canals and railroads around Elizabeth City diverted some of its financial success to neighboring cities. The Portsmouth and Weldon Railroad, completed in the 1830s allowed for goods to be transported from the Roanoke River to be directly transported to Weldon, and the Albemarle-Chesapeake Canal, completed in 1859, created a deeper channel for merchants shipping goods from the Eastern Albemarle Sound to Norfolk. It would not be until 1881 that the Elizabeth City and Norfolk Railroad, later renamed the Norfolk Southern Railway, would once again jumpstart the city’s industry.

Industry grew further during World War II, particularly in shipbuilding, tapering off over the following decades as industry withdrew to form the service, government and agriculture-dominant economic sectors present today. A recent revival in tourism and civic revitalization centered over downtown and the city’s varied historic districts has further shaped the city’s current P.R. image.

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Real Estate in High Point , NC

Private schools for the education of children were established in and around High Point as early as the early nineteenth century by Quakers . The New York Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends, a network of Quakers from that state, began a school in Asheboro in the 1880s for African American students. The school relocated to High Point in 1891 on land east of town on Washington Street. The institution was named the High Point Normal and Industrial School (later William Penn High School), and was administered by the Quakers until 1897. In that year, black educator Alfred J. Griffin accepted the position of principal and led the establishment into a long period of growth.

In 1897 the High Point public school system was founded with the approval of a $10,000 bond, in part to finance the purchase of J. Elwood Cox’s family home on South Main Street for use as the first school building. Twelve school commissioners were appointed to administer the 350-student system of five grades. Growth of the city’s institutions reflected improved primary educational facilities. A school building campaign coupled with additional grades and improved classes resulted in 4 additional schools for white students: Elm Street School (1905), Park Street School (1910), Fairview School (1910) , and Grimes Street School (1911). Many other schools were all born in the 1920s during a period of rapid growth.

This building spree culminated in 1927 with the opening of High Point High School . Among the many high styled school complexes in the state, not many surpass High Point’s grand 1927 high school. The campus joined the talents of two designers;Charlotte landscaper Earl S. Draper and Greensboro architect Harry barton . The building was matched in 1931 with the addition of Ferndale Middle School just to the east, designed to incorporate details from the high school so that it maintained a campus theme. Both shared athletic facilities on a large tract of land between downtown and Emerywood. An additional high school, T. Wingate Andrews High School, was established in the 1960s.

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Real Estate in Statesville, NC

In 1753,German Lutherans and Scots-Irish Presbyterians , who first settled in Pennsylvania, began arriving in Statesville to plant crops in the fertile ground where game and water were also plentiful . The settlement, known as Fourth Creek Congregation, was named for the fresh water stream, which was the fourth creek west of the neighboring settlement of Salisbury. The center of the settlement was a log cabin where the Presbyterians worshiped and where the First Presbyterian Church is located today.

In 1755, the colonial governor Arthur Dobbs authorized the construction of the colony’s frontier fort, which was situated almost three miles due north of the Fourth Creek settlement. Built and garrisoned by North Carolina provincial soldiers, Fort Dobbs defended the British North America’s western frontier in the colony of North Carolina during the French and Indian War. Fort Dobbs combined the functions of a military barracks,refuge for settlers, fortification , provisioning depot and center for negotiations with native Americans.

In 1788 the state legislature divided Rowan County , and the new county was named Iredell after James Iredell, associate justice of the first Supreme Court during the presidency of George Washington.

One year later, the legislature selected a spot for the county seat . The Fourth Creek Congregation was chosen, and the settlement became known as Statesville.

Statesville’s leaders began laying track for railroads to connect the Piedmont area of North Carolina with the rest of the country as early as 1833 .

Statesville served as the temporary capital of North Carolina during the final months of the Civil War when Union troops occupied Raleigh and forced Gov. Zebulon Vance to move the confederate state government.

Stateville was growing rapidly by 1858 and soon afterward began leading the state in the production of tobacco and tobacco products, the manufacture and blending of whiskey, and became a large distribution center for roots and herbs.

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Buying a Home in Chapel Hill, NC

The area surrounding Chapel Hill have historically been politically liberal: Barak Obama won the vote over John McCain 72%-27% in the 2008 election in Orange County

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district, which covers most of the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, along with portions of unincorporated Orange County, is recognized for its academic strengths. Chapel Hill High School and East Chapel Hill High School have received national recognition for excellence, with Newsweek currently ranking East Chapel Hill High as the 77th best high school in the nation, and the highest ranked standard public high school in North Carolina   . A third high school, Carrboro High School, opened in 2007.

Along with Carrboro, Chapel Hill shares a vibrant music scene . Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro a nationally recognized live music club , Local 506 and other Chapel Hill bars (such as the Cave, and Reservoir ) often host local, national, and international acts in all genres. Archers of Loaf, Squirrel Nut Zippers , George Hamilton IV, James Taylor ,Superchunk, Southern Culture on the Skids , Ben Folds Five and Polvo are among the famous musical acts whose careers began in Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill has also been a center for the modern revival of old-time music with such bands as the Hollow Rock String band, the Tug Creek Ramblers ,The Fuzzy Mountain String Band, The Two Dollar Pistols , Big Fat Gap and the Red Clay Ramblers . Chapel Hill was also the founding home of now defunct indie label Mammoth Records, as well as now Durham-based Merge Records. Bruce Springsteen has also made a point to visit the town on several tours. His most recent appearance was on September 14, 2003, at Kenan Memorial Stadium with the E Street Band, marking his fourth appearance overall. U2 also performed at Kenan on the first American date of their 1983 War Tour, where Bono famously climbed up to the top of the stage, during pouring rain and lightning, holding up a white flag for peace.

The Chapel Hill/Carrboro Chambers of Commerce supports a vibrant business community among UNC Chapel Hill’s strong academic presence. The town hosts an array of corporations headquartered in Chapel Hill. Health Insurance Provider Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is one of the town’s ten largest employers at its Chapel Hill headquarters. Technology companies USAT Corp and Realtime Ops have made Chapel Hill their headquarters location. New companies are selecting the town as their base of operations such as the service company Alpha Install.


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Homes – Manhattan Beach Liberty Village Home Sales in 2009

mortgage refinance North Dallas is a great place for real estate when it comes to buying a house or just making an investment. The real estate market in North Dallas has been described as stunning, safe, tranquil, and luxurious. North Dallas houses provide its inhabitants easy access to the metro area and the neighboring cities of Carrollton, Addison, Richardson, Plano and the Ft. worth Metroplex.

juegos   These private gated communities are generally based on any one particular activity, for example golf. However, there is no such rule that people who are not keen on the game cannot acquire private community homes in these superior real estate properties. People living here have all the modern and luxurious amenities at their disposal. And if you love your game, you are sure to love it because you can enjoy some golfing action here as you stay away from the hubbub of a metropolitan city.

real estate investing   If you have made up your mind to purchase a houses it will be appropriate for you to hire the services of an experienced real estate agent who will be able to guide you through the properties and help you make the right investment. You can ask the real estate agent you have hired to give you a list of houses that are put up for sales in this area; this will help you make a sound choice.

The number of sales are off to a very encouraging start. The average listing price of the deals in escrow, on the other hand, is just below last year’s median sales price, so it appears the sales are there, but at reduced pricing. This has been a common theme in the South Bay.

If you are getting a house in Dallas, you are in a great position to have both the business purposes and leisure purposes satisfied. When vacationing in Dallas, the North Dallas homes make for great accommodations. The right realtor will pay attention to the needs of the clients and get the property that best suits their needs.

A few years ago in 2006, there were four newly built homes sold. There is a new home on the market as of this writing and only six total single family homes currently listed. This relatively low inventory may very well put an upward pressure on pricing, which may in turn trigger new development. It will be a fun market to watch in 2010. You can be published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.

Learn To Make Good Decisions When Purchasing Investment Properties

If you have been seeking an opportunity to grow your wealth, then there is probably no greater way to realize this than to purchase income properties. Throughout the centuries, this was the most consistent and dependable method for the most people to tap into a new avenue of income and attain wealth. Before you settle on doing this, there are a number of common hazards you need to be aware of. Following are some of the most important things you have to be mindful of when making the decision to acquire your initial income-producing property.


The primary key to learn how to be a successful property owner is that you need a healthy cash flow. This means that the amount of money you earn each month from renters must to greater than your monthly costs. Your expenses will include things such as your mortgage payments, your real estate taxes, your insurance premiums, and your maintenance costs. If you buy Wasaga Beach real estate as a cottage investment you should include insurance as well to guard against liability. If the costs are greater than the rent that comes in from the renter, then you own a hinderance – not an investment property.


It is a known fact among property buyers that you earn most of your profit when you purchase property – not when you sell it. If you overpay for a property, then it becomes almost insurmountable to make a profit in the long run. Property is so limited and popular in New York City, that the prices are often sixty percent higher than their intrinsic value. In order to break even, you’d have to raise your rent so much that no one will want to live in your property, and it is an uphill battle to make money that way. Search in less high profile neighborhoods such as Etobicoke real estate can offer healthy returns for less initial capital.


One thing that a lot of prospective landlords do not take into consideration is the expense of maintenance. Houses need constant maintenance so that they retain their worth. Over time, windows break, carpets get worn out, and roofs need repairing.  It’s feasible to minimize some costs by owning buildings for shorter periods of time. For a landlord of a home for 25 years, it’s almost guaranteed that the roof will have to be fixed at some time. Although, if you intend on having each of your homes for five years at a time, then you will frequently sidestep a lot of these inevitable issues.


When calculating your cash flow, it is crucial to take into account the durations of time when your property may not have any occupants. If you fail to consider this, then your finances can take a big hit. Each region is slightly distinct therefore if you are searching for Brampton properties for sale as an income property take the time to analyze what a standard vacancy rate is. Prior purchasing any rental real estate, you should calculate a vacancy rate of about five to ten percent. You must also prepare for these stretches in advance so that you can still be able to make the mortgage payments.


If you want to make your our schedule and make yourself financially free, then there is no better opportunity than investment real estate. The most encouraging part is that following your first success, you can buy a second and then a third property.


Mobile and Manfactured Home financing explained

I get many calls from people looking to save money on their loan payments.  We are not surprised, some people are paying well above 9.00%, I even refinanced a person just the other day who was paying 15%!  With rates as low as 6.50%, now is a fantastic time to buy or refinance a Mobile Home.  Buying a Mobile home now, while prices and rates are low, or refinancing for a lower rate might be a great decision.  Manufactured Home Loans shouldn’t be tricky.<br>

Normal Real Estate mortgages are commonly known by everyone, but loans for a Mobile or Manufactured Home are much different.  What is different?  What can you expect to get these days given the mortgage problems that we just went through?<br> For more information visit this: Mobile Home Financing website.

Here is some current info you need to consider when considering a loan on a Mobile Home. <br>

The age of the home is very important.  Buying a mobile home manufactured in 1973 is harder to get financed, compared to a 1982.  1969 and older are virtually impossible to get a mortgage on, but a new manufactured home could only need a 10% down payment.

Rates – 6.50% is the lowest we have seen.  Normally with good credit history, good income, and a decent equity position you will be qualified for the lower rates.  These may be from 6.49% to 9.00% depending on all of the factors described here.

When selecting the right term for your loan, you should consider how long you want to occupy the home.  Mobile Home loan terms typically are 7, 10, 15, 20 & 30 yrs.  There are no 30 fixed loans, so expect the 30 year mortgages to be adjustable.  No one term is right for everybody, so make sure to look at all of them.

Having good credit is always a good thing, but these days it is extra important.  Prepare to have to explain any late accounts, collections, charge offs and any liens – you may even have to pay any old accounts off.  Getting your score up (if needed) is a fairly simple thing, but it is true that your score is everything.  Good rates are meant for borrowers with great credit.

All lenders will now look for income from an ongoing and reliable source.  You must prove at least twice as much in income as is required for the payment, the space rent, and all of your other debts (cars and credit cards).  Prepare to provide your income tax returns, paystubs, and W2s – and if you are self-employed, it may be even harder to qualify.

Extra cash left over after the closing is finished (alsoknown as Reserves) needs to be shown to the lender.  Normally they will want to see two to six months of emergency money in some form of account for you.

20% down payment is normal for Mobile Homes.  In some rare cases less might be required, but you should expect higher interest rates and tougher income and credit qualifications to be needed.  Cash out can mean a 30% equity position after the loan is funded.

You may still get cash from your home, assuming you have the equity.  The requirements can be harder, but money for debt consolidation and home improvements is available.

The best idea for anyone considering a Mobile Home loan is to call a professional and talk about their circumstance.  Lending is liked trying to fti a square block in a round opening – sometimes it will fit, sometimes it won’t.  Let a professional assist you decide what is the best loan to fit your situation.  They should ask specific questions to determine your qualifications, then they will provide you with the loans best suited to you and your plans for the future.

 For more information visit these additional pages:  Mobile Home Loans and Manufactured Home Loans





Is Newport Beach a Good City for Walkers

Going by what you see on TV shows or magazine articles on property buying ideas, just concerning the only three rules you have to keep in mind buying a residence are “location, location, location”. For a family looking to get a Santa Ana foreclosure, you could take that to mean a place in the quiet community, where by there are superior schools and facilities nearby. Neighborhood planners though, have recently taken to a new addition for the spot mantra: the one of becoming walker-friendly. And you would be surprised that some thing as New Agey-sounding as this, should make it on the mainstream. But urban developers today promote the idea very enthusiastically that cities, or neighborhoods, at least, ought to be created for individuals and children who wish to get anything done in the course of their day with nothing much more than their own two feet. Why is this so crucial all of a sudden? And where did they get this thought? From a movie about the idealized 60′s?

The argument is that having regular, wholesome folks walking about, doing their business just about every day, it’s more likely to keep shady street types away than any amount of law enforcement. This may well make lots of sense on a list of home buying suggestions too. Surveys do report that there is a specific feel-good factor to living inside a neighborhood where every thing posted by the social activity of walking. They even have a measure and a scale to estimate the walk-friendliness score of the community. They call it WalkScore; the walk score is a scale that grades the community for how many places of daily household interest, parks, libraries, schools or shops are very easily reached on foot.  Several Santa Ana foreclosures fit the bill.

You could visit to see how it rates any neighborhood in 40 cities across the country that you could possibly be interested in calling your own. You might sort in any address you’ve in mind: the White House for instance is apparently inside a stellar locality for walker-friendliness. Residence purchasing ideas of this nature may perhaps not have been expressed in so many words before, but our values do seem to count for the walker friendliness index. Within the housing meltdown of 2008, houses and suburbs happened to fall the most in value. Homes in well-established neighborhoods that had all the amenities a walk away, typically held their value. This new property valuing index seems to have caught the fancy of analysts at real estate businesses. You’ll find in-depth walker-friendliness databases being prepared for each and every single community available.  This data is avaliable for Santa Ana foreclosures

As property buying advice columnists begin to list walker-friendliness in their flashcards of stock property purchasing ideas, Google is beginning to put together databases on home sale rates and values. And would you believe it, home costs in jogging neighborhoods seem to frequently score higher for longer.

The Many Signs Of Real Estate Fraud

Real estate scam artists may target both home buyers and sellers since mortgage proceedings divulge very sensitive financial details which are as precious as gold in today’s marketplace. Con artists are well practiced at gaining trust and softening rigid skepticism. Stay alert for outright signs of often used tactics to steer clear of the misfortune of property fraud.

In property dealings, the adage “you get what you pay for”, is a very wise attitude to take to heart. Therefore if you are being presented with a proposal that sounds too good to be true, you should be absolutely vigilant and do not agree to anything without getting a number of viewpoints from people and institutions that you have faith in before signing documents or issuing any money. Do not be shy about asking people you are dealing with for credentials, documentation and evidence of their claims in writing. 

The value on paper of a property is one of the simplest facets of real estate to falsify, and an professional conman knows many tactics to artificially boost the true worth of a deal and are constantly seeking an unwitting purchaser. The practice of reselling real estate without the owner’s consent or knowledge can create a chain reaction that eventually hurts lending institutions and personal credit histories. Fraudulent mortgage transactions leave a paper trail that a skillful investigation can uncover while there is still time. You might be under the impression that you know the value of properties in the real estate market in Hamilton simply because you live there but never assume anything.

Another common way to exploit shady real estate deals is by altering the name on the title, either to hide the real owner’s name or to cloak a co-owners’ involvement for different reasons, none of these are generally valid. Refinancing properties with inaccurate titles can bring about a series of troubles for unwitting victims of title fraud. What is worse is finding out that a conman has transferred your property into their name to put it up for sale. A realtor that has been working in real estate in Brampton, or other areas, has to regularly verify the identity of property seller to protect themselves and their clients.

Because real estate deals ultimately necessitate disclosing sensitive and personal information, an knowledgable conman falsifying a property can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Whenever you are involved in a real estate transaction — questionable or not — keep a close watch on credit card transactions, financial accounts and credit history and promptly report any unapproved charges. Always keep sensitive paperwork, passwords, pin numbers and financial information in a secure environment and demand identification of anyone who claims to need that information. Criminals have used stolen information to exploit Toronto condominium listings which has caused grief and headaches for the actual owners.

Coupled with the popularization of the Web in property transactions, connections with overseas investors looking into buying real estate in other countries has become a familiar tactic of scammers. Of course, any such offer has to be examined rigorously before contemplating it is earnest. The mysterious and romantic allure of such offers leads many investors who are will to take risks into financial nightmares.
 The scourge of many con artists is the legal security offered by a reputable title insurance company. In order to assure you do not fall prey to this, work with insurance companies and legal advisers from the get go. Title insurance is advisable to get prior placing a property on the market as well as one of the first actions when purchasing a new house.

Loans with Private Rehab Hard Money Lenders

To set up a deal for a  rehab hard money lender, first choose lenders who are facilitating loans in that mart area in which you plan to invest.  Next, spot the types of properties that meet their guidelines and are within an satisfactory LTV.  Once you have that information, focus only on the areas of the geographical area that consist  the more desirable locations  . 

 Locations which have less vacant homes  , lower crime rate, and are areas that have a lower “days on the market” prior to sale date.  In other words, how many days it takes on average to sell a property in those market areas.     You can request that information from a realtor  or real estate agent and is based on the multiple listing service or realtors board listing of all properties in the area.   For example, in one area, a property may, on average, take 180 days to sell, when in another it may take only 120 days on average to sell.  This is very crucial  to demonstrate the viability of your loan to a private lender  .  

Now you can turn to REO or bank and government owned property sources  to find specific properties.  The Ultimate REO Report is popular with investors as a way  to find these properties.  Once you are identifying specific properties , it is much better to begin with a short list of at least 10 to 20 properties that you can review.  Most of the sources in the Ultimate REO Report will show you which are available, and which are “under contract” or which are newly enrolled as bank owned or government owned listings .  

By beginning with 10 or 20 properties, there is less likelihood that you will get emotionally attached to any specific property and you be better able to evaluate each property to determine which deals may be more fruitful.  After you have boiled that list down to 3 to 5 subject properties then it is time to contact the lender again and request a proof of funds letter that you can attach to your offer.   The lenders who will provide a proof of funds letter will likely be able to verify the letter if necessary and then be ready to recieve your complete loan package.  Again, it is important to make sure that the property is a match for the lenders loan program and when you request a proof of funds letter the lender may ask you to summarize your loan compliance.  

The Hard Money Lenders Blueprint  is the resource used by investors to ensure that the Loan Package is properly prepared and complete with all required documentation. It is much easier to complete subsequent Loan Packages after creating one Loan Package by following the proper guidelines and the steps for submission.  Because lenders estimate that 50% to 70% of hard money loan packages are incomplete or improperly prepared, it is important to make certain that your Loan Package does not fall into that category.   

Once you have completed your Loan Package , contact your lender and you can e-mail it or fax it.  In addition, it is always best to immediately follow up with the lender to make sure that the Loan Package has been received.  Some lenders require that you have the propety under contract prior to submitting for a preliminary approval.  Other lenders will give you a preliminary approval  and do not necessarily require you to have the property under contract. 

 In today’s market conditions, Agents selling bank owned property   oftentimes attempt to pit one investor against the other to bump the offers on the property up, but the fact remains that given the stock of available bank owned and government owned properties, it is in truth the investor who is in the drivers seat when making that “best and final offer”.  Banks want these properties off of their balance sheets.   The same holds true for earnest money deposits. Always pen some type of contingency into the contract to protect your earnest money deposit in the event that for some cause the deal is not closed and funded by the contract deadline. 

The best contingency is not  “subject to financing” because that contingency causes the REO Agent to imagine you don’t have money to close even though you have a proof of funds letter attached..   A better contingency is “subject to approval by buyer’s consultant”.  Then put a fair time period on it, such as three weeks.    Should the REO Agent question you about who that decisionmaker is  , you can say, you have anadvisor who reviews the property and that he needs a reasonable time to do that.  During that time period you can also have an inspection done and pull out of the deal if necessary . 

Also, most  active private hard money lenders can complete funding within 24 to 48 hours if they are truly interested in the funding the deal.  Occasionally, it may take a few days but usually delays will be caused by an improperly prepared Loan Package.    When the property deal is in the title company for closing the loan,  make sure you are available to provide additional information or documentation to insure that the deal is closed and funded.  The Private Money Lenders Source has the top 300 private hard money lenders who loan on residential and commercial investment property, countrywide locally and regionally.  The Ultimate REO Report is a resource used to source deeply discounted bank owned and government owned property. The Hard Money Loan Blueprint is the resource used by investors to prepare Loan Packages.