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What is a Mortgage Rate

A Mortgage is classed as the transfer of an interest in a property to a lender of credit as a form of security for the debt which is usually a loan of money. A Mortgage whilst not a debt in its own right is classed as security for a debt and is a transfer of an interest in land or property from the owner to the lender of the mortgage. The mortgage Rate is the rate of interest at which you repay the loan secured on your property.

This website has chosen to focus on the UK mortgage market and although this does vary between country to country and the different lenders in each, the bare bones of the system is most likely similar to most mortgage rate systems in the world.

How the UK Mortgage Rate Market Works

The UK Mortgage Market Works similar to most other countries with varying similarities, however, the UK's mortgage market has been classed as one of the most intelligent and sophisticated markets in the world. The UK Mortgage Market offers a wide range of products and mortgage rates under a competitive banner like no other.

Mortgage Rate Calculators

A quick and easy way to calculate your monthly mortgage payments. Simply enter the amount you wish to borrow, the term over which you intend to pay it off and the interest rate. Try The Mortgage Finders Mortgage Calculator

Equity Release Mortgage Rates

Equity Release Mortgages are a popular choice with older property owners as it allows them to free up some equity in their homes as either a cash lump sum or as a regular monthly income to supplement other types of income like pensions etc. The rates on these equity release mortgages can vary dramatically and it's advised to seek the advice of a professionally qualified independent financial adviser before committing to any financial product